Mohali Angels present - QThrill by Vikrant Bahl

As seen on Favcy Venture Builder's opening day

Raising INR 3 Crores. Stage - Product ready

Idea - Live Quiz-based Platform that gives instant cash-outs to players on a pay-and-play model.

About Vikrant Bahl

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Vikrant Bahl holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Management
(IIM), Bangalore and is a graduate from Shaheed Sukhdev College
of Business Studies, Delhi University. With 13+ years of
professional experience in diverse sectors such as Education
Management, Consulting and Marketing behind him, Vikrant now
seeks to venture into the startup ecosystem.

A true blue sportsman at heart, an over-competitive indoor games
expert and a semi-skilled + passionate poker player, Vikrant’s
startup idea of a live quiz-based Quiz platform is truly an amalgamation of
his passions turning into a professional venture.


When we asked - what led you to start QThrill?


When we asked - What is the untaken spot you are aiming for?


On being asked about QThrill's business model and its revenue streams, the founder's response was:


When we asked - How do you plan to capture the market?


The question - What are the regulatory risks associated with this business? Is there any provision to deal with false play by the customers?


When we asked - What does the platform look like from a player's perspective?


On being asked about the larger vision for QThrill, the founder answered:



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You can additionally request access of Favcy's Partner Thesis on Vikrant Bahl. Partner thesis is run by Pranav Chaturvedi and will be made available as a video to the interested Investors.



Opening day slides of QThrill -

QThrill Investor Deck from Favcy Portfolio


The Product Demo videos can be accessed below:

1. QThrill Player vs Player (Web Version)


2. QThrill Player vs Anchor ( Web Version)


3. QThrill Player vs Anchor (Mobile Version)

4. QThrill Player vs Player ( Mobile Version)