Mohali Angels present - Palate Mkt by Aditi Kapoor & Ruchi Sibal

As seen on Favcy's Opening Day on 31st October 2020
Raising - 3.5 crores.

Stage - Product is ready for launch, early access is live
Idea  - A tech enablement platform for food providers

About Ruchi Sibal

Ruchi Sibal’s drive and enthusiasm capacitated her to start ‘Rush Entertainment Pvt Ltd’ followed by ’Go Delhi’, a platform that profiled prime restaurants in New Delhi and generated further awareness in the Indian food community.

About Aditi Kapoor 

Aditi Kapoor comes from a diverse professional background ranging from technology to arts. Some of her previous stints include working as a project manager and consultant in various sectors across US, UK and India. Over the years, she has worked closely with some of the finest Michelin and celebrity chefs from all over the world.  


Our question- How did palate come into being?

On being asked about the vision behind Palate Mkt-


When we asked - What are the various categories of food and why is it important to categorize?


When we asked - What is palate's target audience?


When we asked - How does a food provider set up their own shop on Palate Mkt?

When we asked - What is the bigger vision for Palate?



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