Mohali Angels present - Happy Soul by Pooja Bedi and Namrata Thakker

Opening Day - 16th January , 2021

Stage -  Pre-Product 1st Cheque

Industry - Health and Wellness

Happy Soul is a social commerce platform for resellers to curate Wellness Products from Happy Soul’s wholesale inventory across multi-vendor products that enable consumers to lead a life that is chemical free, organic, healthy and wholesome.
The holistic catalogue already spans across categories like personal care, beauty, healthy eating, nutrition, hair & skincare, fitness equipment, sustainable fashion and more. The idea is to build a B2B2C digital distribution through resellers as ‘e-retailers’.


Pooja Bedi (Linkedin)

Pooja Bedi is an actress and a television talk show host with over a decade of experience in holistic sciences. She holds a diploma in clinical & spiritual hypnosis and regression with CHII, alongside various certifications in other wellness meta-sciences. Her expertise in Quantum and Newtonian Physics, specifically in Wellness and Alternative Therapy, brings stellar brand value to Happy Soul. Her goal is to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing all around the globe.

Namrata Thakker (Linkedin)

Namrata Thakker is a Business Evangelist and the custodian of Entrepreneur Excel, an online platform that holds a strong community of over 70,000 entrepreneurs from all generations regardless of their gender, region, experience, industry, etc. with the fundamental objective of adding value to someone’s life. She is a Global Citizen, a Social & Serial entrepreneur. The extensive network of entrepreneurs created by Namrata will be an added advantage to Happy Soul.


When we asked :  What led you to the conceptualization of Happy Soul ?


When we asked: What are some of the Key Milestones achieved by Happy Soul?


When we asked: How does a B2B2C (Reseller) model look like from a wellness perspective?


When we asked: What is your focus area in the wellness space? Are there any specific categories that happy soul will focus on?


When an investor asked: What are the products sold and the kind of resellers on the platform?


When an Investor asked: How are the Logistics and returns managed?


When Varun Reddy from AntHill Ventures asked: How are you planning to take away digital space from traditional players like Amazon/Flipkart?


When an Investor asked: What are your short-term and mid-term goals?


 Happy Soul's revenue model:


When an Investor asked: Why a B2B2C model instead of a B2C model? 


Long-term vision for Happy Soul :


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