Mohali Angels present - Good Good Piggy by Purva Aggarwal

Opening Day - 13th February, 2021

Stage -  Pre-Product 1st Cheque

Industry - Ed-FinTech

Idea- Good Good Piggy is a behavioral rewards platform doubling up as an Investment channel for children to form good habits while contributing towards their financial security.

About The Founder:(LinkedIn)

Purva Aggarwal did MSc Finance and Investment Banking from the University of Hertfordshire. She was awarded a Gold award for employability and enterprise skills. 

She comes with the experience of having worked as a financial analyst in a private equity investment advisory firm. She writes about global private equity with a leading publication Private Equity Wire. As the Indian Ambassador of Women in Tech (largest women international organization in technology), Purva is helping set up their first chapter in New Delhi. She has also been selected as ImpactGen Talent with Kairos Society Europe, an invite-only global community of top young leaders using entrepreneurship and innovation to solve the world's greatest challenges. 

Previously, Purva has worked in leading organizations such as BDO India and Grant Thornton, delivering risk-based internal audits, business process reviews, internal financial control (IFC) reviews, and IT general control (ITGC) reviews. Her expertise in strategy and business development were put to use by management consultancies such as Sameer Mittal & Associates, now taken over by Intertrust Group from the Nordic Region. With Good Good Piggy, she is now venturing out with an Ed-FinTech Startup.

When we asked: What is the Idea behind the name Good Good Piggy?

Founder's Introduction and Her insights on Good Good Piggy, Market Entry approach, the Competitive Landscape, and the Design Model :

Purva's take on the Operating Model, LTV: CAC, the Milestones achieved, Case studies, and the Upcoming Milestones for Good Good Piggy:

When we asked: What led you to start Good Good Piggy?

Question: Are there any industry trends that highlight the need for this product? Why would users be keen to adopt Good Good Piggy?

On being asked about any insights on the pain points that this will solve for parents, the Founder's response was: 

When  we asked: How are you looking to build Finkids as content property to acquire customers for Good Good Piggy?

Question: How big is this problem ? Can you tell us more about the market size?

On being asked about the most likely competitors for the product, Purva's response was:

Question from Rachit Aggarwal: How do you plan to deal with Indian parents' skepticism?

When Gaurav Kapoor asked: What age bracket of kids are you looking to target?

Question: From a financial perspective, what kind of financial products are you looking to integrate with the platform?



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 Opening Day Deck for Good Good Piggy:

Opening day pitch deck Good Good Piggy from Favcy Portfolio