Mohali Angels present - Zoiffin by Ashish Nanda and Deepti Nanda

As seen on Favcy Venture Builder's Opening Day

Raising INR 1 Crore. Stage - Product ready

Idea - A food-tech Social Commerce platform that digitizes resellers.

About Ashish Nanda

A Serial Entrepreneur with expertise in Conceptualization, Strategy & Business Development, Ashish is an experienced entrepreneur who has been in running his office meal supply business with a current capacity of 5,000 meals a day. He is looking to exponentially grow a reseller-tech model for cloud canteens.

About Deepti Nanda:

An Ardent Culinarian, is well conversant with each domain of Art & Science of Food. The entire
Procurement and Cooking Process is passionately monitored and managed by her on daily basis.


When we asked - What led you to start Zoiffin?

On being asked about their journey as Tech entrepreneurs, their response was:

When we asked - Do you plan to expand your business to other cities?


On being asked about Zoiffin's margins:


When we asked - What is you target market and how does the competitive landscape look like?


When we asked - What are the barriers to entry for the competition?


The question - How do you ensure the quality of food and that the costs are in control while scaling up?

When we asked - What is the larger vision for Zoiffin?

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Opening Day Slides:

Zoiffin Investor Pitch from Favcy Portfolio


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