Mohali Angels Present - Skillskonnect by Dhiraj Ahuja and Ashima Ahuja

Opening Day - 6th March, 2021

Stage -  Early Traction

Industry -Blue/grey collared employment platform

Idea- Gazabjobs is an employment platform that empowers distributors (training institutes, English speaking course centres, cyber cafes) to create their own job portals for effectively on-boarding blue collared and grey collared workforce.

About The Founders

Dhiraj Ahuja:

 Dhiraj Ahuja is a qualified Chartered Accountant and an experienced management professional, with an accomplished career spanning over 23 years in Banking & Insurance (Life, General & Health); BPO (inbound/outbound) and Education & Vocational Training industries. In his last role, he was the Senior Director for Digital Transformation at ISB. He was also in senior office roles at Apollo Munich and Max Life Insurance before that.

Ashima Ahuja:

Ashima Ahuja is a seasoned professional having over 10 years of experience in the education industry. She also owns a part of Orane Institute of Beauty and Wellness, a training institute for people interested in entering the beauty and wellness space. Some of her previous stints include ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and Tata AIG Life Insurance where she was a part of the Operations team.

Brief background on Skillskonnect and Founder's Introduction:

Skillskonnect Team:



Opportunities For Business:

Scale of Opportunity:

Market Landscape and Business Model:

Operating Model and driving demand through Gazab Jobs:

Benefits to Stakeholders:

Revenue Model and Unit Economics: 

Journey So Far:

Journey Ahead:

When we asked: Can you tell us a little more about how you arrived at the wholesaler positioning for Skillskonnect?

When an Investor asked: What is the geography focus and salary packages offered to the Job-seekers?

Radhika Biyani: How do you source the Company? What is the Customer Acquisition Cost for companies and employees?

Question: What are some of the key insights you can share with us about this reseller market of training institutes and consultants?

When we asked: Can you tell us more about the team and the backers behind Skillskonnect? Who are the key team members and backers behind SK?

When we asked: Are there any macroeconomic trends that are beneficial to Skillskonnect or risky instead? 

Question: How is the Gazab Jobs platform differentiated as compared to the peers in this market?

Rana Biswas asked: How do you plan to build customer loyalty with the end-user?


Questions for Mr. Afzal Modak

When we asked about his experience with the Skillskonnect team:

When we asked: Why did you choose to double-down in this round of fundraising as well ?


From an investor's point of view, what are some of the risks, that you perceive, come with the opportunity?

Long-term value in Skillskonnect and the Exit opportunities for SK:

Long-term Vision for Skillskonnect: 


Interested To know More:


Here's the Opening Day Deck for Skillskonnect:

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