Mohali Angels Present -Majig by Jibi George and Jiggy George

Opening Day: 24th July, 2021

Stage: Pre Product 1st Cheque

Industry: Celebrity Social Commerce

The Startup

Majig is a Creator Commerce Platform that enables manufacturers of physical products to lease top brands and create online resellers to drive exponential sales.

The Founders

Jiggy George

Along with his entrepreneurial experience, Jiggy has 20 Years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Brand Licensing and General Management.

Career Milestones

  • Executive Director - Turner Broadcasting / Consumer Marketing; Licensing Viacom
  • Launched licensing & merchandise business for Viacom (MTV) and Cartoon Network
  • Head of India chapter Global Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association- LIMA

Jibi George

Jibi started his corporate career after MBA school in hospitality (Taj group) and ended it as Associate Director with Turner Broadcasting where he ran the Licensing and merchandising business.

Career Milestones

  • Focused on Operational excellence and quality manufacturing at price and scale
  • Evolved multiple models via distribution pipes in the physical, e-commerce & emerging retail formats.
  • Rolled out consumer products across more than 20 categories in genres as wide as Entertainment, Sports, Corporate, and Celebrities.


Opening Day Pitch:

In this, the Founder takes us through the entire Pitch Deck and covers the following topics:

  • Market Opportunity
  • Key Insights
  • Operating Model
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Business Model and projections
  • Vision

Question: What is the Go-To Market Strategy?

 When we asked: What is your strategy for distribution?

 Hrishikesh Thite asked the following questions:

  • Why would the licensors tie up with you?
  • How are you ensuring the quality of product? Do you have any product development/quality inspection expertise?
  • Have any influencers already partnered with Majig?
  • How will you control the platform against things like piracy?

 Business Model explained:

When Hrishikesh Thite asked: Does Majig hold the inventory of the products?


When Manthan Rawat asked: Do creators have skin in the game? 


When Rohit Talwalkar asked the founders about their strategy to ensure the standards of quality in the products, their response was:

Manthan Rawat asked: Will the licenses that are acquired be exclusive?


Questions from Raghav Bir:

  • How will the storefront look on a platform like Facebook/Instagram?
  • Is the creator who is putting up their name against the brand owning it or just cross-selling it? 

Latika Sharma asked: 

  • How is this different from agencies and merchandising brands which are doing the similar thing?
  • Will the promotions be cheaper/unique? Why should a manufacturer come to you?

When we asked: Can you share some insights from your experience in the industry? 

  Opening Day Deck:

OD Pitch Deck from Favcy 1st cheque

Interested to know more: